the art of professional mixing

set your expectations high


You want the best mix. There should be no more important reason for choosing me other than anticipating great results. From top productions recorded in the world’s best recording facilities to modern home recording productions, my mix is all about getting the best out of it.

expect the best results


The final sound has be on the same professional level quality wise when listened next to your favourite reference recordings. No matter the budget, aiming high is the most important thing from the psychological point of view that influences creative results.

your feedback is important


Subsequent mix revisions are done really quickly. I want to get as close to your vision as possible. Your satisfaction is the most important final reward for the creative work that will be put into your songs.


The cost of mixing depends on the complexity and the timeframe of the project. Please get in touch with us. Describe the details about your recordings such as the number of songs, the length, the number of tracks within a song, the date of providing the multitrack sessions and the deadline before which the final mix needs to be approved and delivered. The prices range between 250-400 EUR per song for typical projects with rhythm section, acoustic and electronic instruments and vocals.