24 bit 

The music industry is shifting from CD quality 16bit 44.1KHz towards 24bit resolution. All major streaming services, including Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify are now accepting 24bit files. We’re heading towards the future where standard streaming quality will surpass the CD.


The average loudness of the final material depends on many factors, including how the song was mixed, the genre, arrangement, tempo as well as the creative decision. It is important to remember that loudness targets of playback applications are not mastering targets.

your feedback is important


Subsequent mastering revisions are done really quickly. I want to get as close to your vision as possible. Your satisfaction is the most important final reward for the creative work that will be put into your songs.

mastering pricing

album: 600 EUR
song: 70 EUR

stereo stems (4-8) mastering +50%