Get your files ready for mixing:



  1. Please prepare consolidated WAV files that all start from the same place and that are perfectly synced with each other.

  2. Please use folders and subfolders to make things organised. WAV files belonging to individual songs should be contained in a folder, possibly with subfolders representing instruments subsections such as “drums”, “guitars”, “synths”, “strings”, “vocals” etc.

  3. File names should be short and simple. File names will be automatically used for track names in the mix session, so please be mindful of how you could make the mixing job easier from the start.

  4. Please include only complete arrangement. Alternative takes, unused tracks and any other unnecessary files should not be included.

  5. Please export the files from your DAW as mono files if they are mono. It’s best if only real stereo tracks are provided as stereo files.

  6. Do not convert, normalise or change the volume of the WAV files. Keep the original volume, bit depth and sample rate.

  7. Commit your plugins to WAV files only where it’s necessary and crucial for the song, for example some special effects on some vocal parts that became an integral part of the production. Committing EQ or dynamics to WAV files before mixing is unnecessary and can be harmful to the quality of the end result, as it limits the range of possible changes to the sound.

  8. For multiple songs that will form an album please keep the track names similar between the songs.

You can include Pro Tools or Reaper session if you’d like me to pick up where you left off. Please keep it simple and clearly organised.