Clients, Artists and Genres


Rock bands and solo artists hiring session musicians have been a regular mixing clients. Stoner, Indie, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Post Rock have went through my mixing hands and ears.


Jazz is a genre that demands extra attention to retaining the finesse of the players and requires handling the details of the unique musical performance with extra care. 


The ever evolving gaming industry requires the highest quality music, mixed and mastered to the highest standards similar to film music.


The world of pop music demands the highest level of professionalism when it comes to mixing. Pop artists can expect the best when mixing with me.


Classical music have also appeared in my portfolio. The approach of reproducing the soul of live acoustic instruments in a way that it creates and illusion of being in the room with the musicians has proven to be very successful.


Metal music is often said to be the most difficult to mix of all. I have been a very successful mixer of many metal albums. I can attest that this experience truly helps with all other genres.


Composers and producers often need professional assistance and help of the best mixing engineers. Great mix is the most important link between well produced music and the final listener.